PicApport Add-on Installation Guide

Here you will find all necessary information for the installation of the add-ons on a PicApport server.

An overview of all available add-ons with the respective download link can be found here: PicApport Add-on Guide

Installation with the Windows Installer

Simply select the desired add-ons in the installer, start the server, done.

Whether an add-on is available via the Windows installer is documented in the add-ons.

Manual installation (all operating systems)

  • All files necessary for the installation are available as ZIP files and have to be copied into the .picapport/groovy directory.
  • Each time the PicApport Server is started, this directory is scanned for new add-on files and new add-ons are installed automatically.
    A separate directory is created for each add-on and PicApport unpacks and saves the installation file there.

  • After successful installation of the add-ons, the .zip ZIP files are copied into the created add-on directory, so that only the current apache-groovy-binary-v.v.v.zip remains in the Groovy directory.
  • If you install an add-on for the first time, a Groovy runtime environment must be installed once. Unlike the add-ons, the corresponding ZIP file for the Groovy runtime environment always remains in the .picapport/groovy directory.
    Example: apache-groovy-binary-3.0.5.zip (after successful installation a hidden directory groovy-3.0.5 is created additionally)

    Only if an apache-groovy-binary-x.x.x.zip is available the add-on subsystem is activated in PicApport.

  • In the file .picapport/groovy/logfiles/currentConfiguration.log you can check the successful installation of the add-ons after the server startup.
    The log file can also be viewed via the PicApport Web-Gui Server Administration->Logfiles->groovyaddons/currentConfiguration.log

    Example of a log file after successful installation  Quelle erweitern
  • Brief summary:
    Stop server, copy ZIP file(s) into the Groovy directory, start server, done

Naming conventions and versions

Groovy runtime environment

  • apache-groovy-binary-v.v.v.zip
    The current runtime environment is available on the PicApport Add-on download page or on https://groovy.apache.org/download.html
  • PicApport version 9.x requires a Groovy – runtime environment from version 3.0.x (as of September 2020: apache-groovy-binary-3.0.5.zip)

Add-on files

The names of the add-on installation files are structured as follows:


  • type
    • pagc (Crawlerfilter)
    • pagf (Field extension)
    • pagp (Procedure)
  • Name
    Name des Addons (wird auch für den Verzeichnisnamen verwendet, welches bei der Installation des Add-ons generiert wird).
  • Hyphen
    Separates name from version
  • Version
    Always x.x.x
  • .zip

Special features

If a Groovy Runtime was already installed when the server was started, certain add-ons can also be installed or updated while the server is running.

To do this, enter the following console command on the PicApport server: reloadaddons

The exception are add-ons that add new database fields. These must be installed when the server is shut down. (An update, if no new database fields are added, is also possible during operation)

See also the developer documentation.

If you are not sure: Stop the server before installing add-ons.