PicApport Add-on Guide

What is an add-on?

Add-ons have been introduced in PicApport version 9 and allow to extend the functionality of PicApport.
Possible uses are:

  • Using external tools or web services to enrich photos with additional metadata, such as automatic tagging, etc.

  • Using external tools or web services to do anything with photos, such as (upload, send, etc.)

  • Extend the PicApport database with your own data fields like project numbers, customer number, etc.

  • Extended filter options of the PicApport internal crawler

With the release of PicApport 9 there are already 8 ready add-ons available (see below)

Features of add-ons

  • Add-ons are scripts written in the Groovy programming language that extend the functionality of the PicApportServer

  • All add-ons are installed in the source code and can be customized if necessary.

  • As of September 2020 (version 9.0) there are 3 types of add-ons:
    • Procedures (pagp)
      The scripts are called by the user on the server side for selected photos of the thumbnail view

    • Database field extension (pagf)
      Extends the PicApport internal database with new data fields with the following options:
      • Fields can optionally be made available in the global full text search
      • Fields themselves can be addressed as index with the following possibilities:
        • Full text with wildcard support
        • PicApport hierarchical index with wildcard support
        • ID index without wildcard support

    • crawler filter (pagc)
      Extends the PicApport Crawler with additional file filter options.

How do I install an add-on?

  • Each add-on is provided as a single ZIP file.
    The installation is done by simply copying this file to the server.

  • The instructions are available here: PicApport Add-on Installation Guide

Using the Add-ons

If images are selected in the thumbnail view, a new menu item „Add-ons“ appears in the menu bar. With this menu item, the individual add-ons can be selected and applied to the selected images.

(click on the image to enlarge)

List of available add-ons

Add-on reference for developers

The manual for developers is available here: PicApport Add-on Programming Reference