PicApport User Manual

What is PicApport

PicApport is an easy-to-use, free of charge, photo server that allows you to view and manage photos on all devices connected to your home network, such as desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs, iPads, Android smartphones or iPhones. Look at your photos on any device connected to your network, without having to transfer them to an external ISP first. An app installation is not required.

Once configuredPicApport automatically detects when new photos were stored on the server and makes them available to the user with a modern browser interface.

The browser interface is optimized for use on smartphones and tablet PC’s. It is possible to view photo directories  in a preview (thumbnails), or as a  slideshow. 

For installation on Windows operating systems, a comfortable installer is availableSince the PicApport Server has been implemented in Javaan installation on Linux or Mac OS X is possible. 

PicApport also includes a user management and the ability to upload photos directly from your phone or tablet to a PicApport Server. 

If a photo contains GPS-Metadata it can be located on the built-in map module. The subsequent GPS tagging of photos is also supported by PicApport.

It is also possible to make a PicApport server accessible over the internet via DynDNS it your home network is configured  accordingly. An installation in the cloud is of course also possible. 

A brief overview of the program function with further links to videos and screenshots can be found here: Highlights (overview of program functions)

Why do I need PicApport

You have a new tablet PC or iPad and want to access your existing photos stored  on a PC without copying them again and again to this device?  Then PicApport is exactly the right program. Simply start PicApport on the PC on which the photos are stored and you can watch them from any connected device in your network through a browser. Of course, this also works smartphones. 

PicApport as a family photo server

Because everybody has a smartphone these days, it has become almost impossible to organize all existing photos of your family in a central place and make them available to every family member Social networks offer a solution but not everybody wants to load private photos into the cloud. PicApport offers a solution for this. Because of the consequent integration of metadata, PicApport works for the serious“ photographer in the family exporting his RAW images from the RAW converter and for the rest of the family making snapshots with a smartphone . You can even allow visitors to access PicApport because with filters you can define what photos they are allowed to see.

I find PicApport interesting but where do I start?

The documentation is meanwhile very extensive like the possibilities of PicApport. For a first overview we recommend the following pages:

Of course, almost all functions can be tried out directly on our online demo: